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Bayonets and Barbed Wire
6th Sturmpioneer Battalion
Sideshow 4102
incompleto ma con Scatola. This 12" figure has over 20 points of articulation and features the authentic look of a WW1 German Assault Trooper. It comes with an historically accurate uniform. Comes belt and buckle, M1887 Haversack (Bread Bag), M1907 Water Bottle, M1887 Entrenching tool, Bayonet and Scabbard, Assault Pack Rolled Great Coat Wrapped around M1910 Mess Tin, 1917 Patterned Hand grenade Bags, Stick Grenade, Respirator (Gas Mask), Gas can, MP18 Sub-Machine Gun w/ Snail Magazine. This figure contains sharp points and small parts and is recommended for ages 12 and up.
By 1915 it had become painfully obvious that the German army's massed-infantry tactics were not working, due to the evolution of the grim realities of trench warfare. A new type of soldier was evolving within the ranks of the entrenched German army. They were formed into smaller units, highly trained and specially armed for the very purpose of taking enemy trench works. The name "Stosstruppen" (Storm Troops) captured the soldiers' imagination and it became the term that blanketed all of the 'Shock Troop' Sturmpioneer battalions that were officially forming within the German army in 1915.

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