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Bayonets and Barbed Wire
German Infantry Lieutenant
German Infantry Lieutenant
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The German Infantry Lieutenant comes issued with: Officers peaked cap Stahlhelm helmet with chin strap Officers tunic with LT shoulder straps, Iron cross, and wound badge Trousers Puttees Ankle Boots Cavalry Boots Waist belt with Prussian belt buckle Breadbag Water bottle Artillery luger Shoulder Stock Drum Magazine and Magazine Carrier Artillery luger holster with shoulder sling Fernglass binoculars and belt case
On the hellish battlefields of WWI it took a man of iron will and heroic charisma to motivate men to fight. Often the first over the top of the trenches during attacks was the task of an infantry officer. Out in 'No Mans Land' the churned earth and wire entanglements made for a very confusing environment. The Infantry officer was there to not only motivate his men to move directly into harms way, but to also carefully and correctly pick his troops way towards the enemy. For these skills, these men were often looked upon as a common soldiers only saving grace. On many occasions the difference between life and death for men in the trenches was the cool headed thinking and courageous leadership shown by a units officer

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